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Belmont Greek FestivalEthnic
Opa! Whether you shout this joyful Greek expression or not, you are welcomed with plenty of warm Greek hospitality, as well as an abundance of fabulous Greek food and entertainment, at the annual Belmont Greek Festival. On the plaka, or central plaza, visitors enjoy continuous music by a Greek band so they can dance the traditional kalamatiano, tsamiko, zeimbekiko and other Greek dances. The amazing "Sons of Ulysses" dazzle the audience by lifting tables and chairs...with nothing but their teeth! In addition, award-winning folk dance groups perform throughout the weekend in their colorful, hand-made costumes. In an outdoor amphitheater reminiscent of the ancient theaters of Greece, children and adults alike  enjoy a special theatrical production spotlighting the heroes and villains of Greek mythology. And the ever popular Festival Singers and Folk Ensemble perform Greek folk songs in the amphitheater.

Festival menu items that bring on shouts of joy include barbecued lamb chops (with special Greek seasonings), souvlakia (Greek shish-kebab), spanakopita (spinach and cheese stuffed inside layers of filo pastry) and dolmades (grape leaves wrapped around ground beef and rice). There are always traditional homemade Greek pastries such as loukoumades (doughnut holes covered with honey), baklava (layers of nuts and filo pastry soaked in honey), kourambiedes (crescent-shaped butter cookies covered with powdered sugar) and galactobouriko (filo pastry filled with custard and covered with syrup).  Opa!
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Occurs in: September

Festival Location: Holy Cross Church

Contact Information:
Holy Cross Church
900 Alameda at Ralston, Belmont, CA 94002
(650) 591-4447

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