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Latino Arts Network of California

The Statewide Networks program is rooted in the California Arts Council’s (CAC) vision to nurture collaborative service organizations that provide practical services to working artists and constituent organizations. Collectively, these networks will help to activate CAC constituents, the arts community, stakeholders, and the public.

Statewide and regional culturally-specific, multicultural, and discipline-based arts networks and service organizations are eligible to apply.

  • Applicant organization must have at least a two-year track record of developing its field and providing services to its constituent base (individual artists and/or arts organizations).
  • Statewide is defined as an organizational network serving a statewide constituency.
  • Regional is defined as an organizational network serving constituencies in at least three non-contiguous counties.
  • “Culturally-specific” and “multicultural” refer to organizational networks which are rooted in and reflective of underserved ethnic and cultural communities.
  • If an applicant is awarded SN and Local Impact (LI) grants, it may only receive one grant in a given year.

Program Goals



Application available:
January 2016

Application deadline:
Spring 2016

Grant activity period:
Late June 2016 to May 30, 2017