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The newly revised Arts and Public Media program supports multiplatform nonprofit media projects that demonstrate a clear approach to building public awareness and support for the arts. This grant program is rooted in the California Arts Council’s (CAC) vision to create a state where the arts are a central component of daily life and accessible to all, reflecting contributions from all of California’s diverse populations and fostering civic engagement.

An extensive evaluation project and subsequent report titled “Nonprofit Media Coverage of the Arts in California: Challenges and Opportunities” informed the CAC’s approach to supporting nonprofit media organizations in California, specifically as it relates to arts and culture coverage and related projects.

  • An applicant must be one of the following:
    • • California-based nonprofit media organization* with a history of arts programming for a minimum of two years prior to the time of application.

*Organizations with media production, distribution, or directly related support services as central mission and activity.
• Local arts agency or unit of government managing a local public media station.
• The nonprofit organization must demonstrate proof of nonprofit status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or section 23701d of the California Revenue and Taxation Code, or must be a unit of government.


Staff Contact

Shelly Gilbride
(916) 324-0075

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Program Goals

The Arts and Public Media program supports the production and programming of multiplatform media projects that engage Californians with authentic local stories and experiences centered on the value of arts, culture, and creative expression.


This program will support projects that meet the following goals:


  • • Demonstrate the impact and benefits of arts, culture, and creative expression through professional media storytelling and/or reporting.
  • • Foster community dialogue and engagement through innovative multiplatform arts and culture-based project activities, including but not limited to radio or television broadcast, digital media, interactive strategies, and/or live public events.
  • • Feature California and/or California-related artists and arts organizations, community arts projects, and/or arts education initiatives.
  • • Activate community partner(s) from various arts and media, and non-arts and non-media sectors.
  • • Promote civic engagement, encourage collective problem solving, and build bridges across cultures.
  • • Recognize that arts and culture have a direct impact on the health, welfare, and economic well-being of all Californians and their communities.
  • • Provide paid opportunities for media professionals such as producers, directors, writers, designers, reporters, etc.



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