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Executive Director
Lake County Arts Council

Lakeport, CA

Executive Director

Lake County Arts Council

Lakeport, CA

The Lake County Arts Council is a nonprofit organization.  It is a member of the California Arts Council and is the officially recognized organization to the State and Local Partnership Program.  The Council is open to all individuals and is culturally diverse in its policies and practices.  Its mission is to encourage and promote the arts and cultural activities in Lake County by developing, sponsoring and providing assistance in all cultural and artistic endeavors.

The LCAC is seeking an Executive Director with leadership and visionary skills and a passion for the arts that is consistent with the organization’s mission and strategic goals.

Responsibilities are, but not limited to:

The Executive Director reports to the LCAC Board of Directors and works in partnership with the Main Street Gallery, Soper Reese Theatre, state and local officials, businesses and the greater Lake County community.  Serves as an advisor to the board and attends board and committee meetings as a non-voting member and provides monthly status reports.  Conducts all business associated with the LCAC at the highest standards of integrity ensuring that all activities are legal and ethical.

Community Relations.  Serves as official liaison and representative of the LCAC Board of Directors, working with the community, businesses, local and state governments to ensure the arts are represented throughout Lake County.  Develops and maintains effective working relationships. Is the chief advocate to promote the values of art and generates community support of the arts in Lake County.

Strategic Planning.  Oversees the strategic planning, development and implementation process, approved by the Board, of the organization’s programs and services to meet mission goals.

Fundraising Development.  Oversees and/or contributes in the development of fundraising via grants, membership drives, special events, community outreach and initiative programs.  Collaborates with committee chairs to establish budgetary requirements.

Fiscal Management.  Oversees the management of the organization’s financial resources and budgetary requirements.  Monitors income and expenditures for budget sustainability.  Ensures proper bookkeeping, tax and legal reports, audits and maintenance of capital assets.  Is prepared to address the organizations current budgetary needs and stewardship of financial resources.

The ideal candidate will have:


  • A bachelor’s degree and/or a minimum of three years experience in an arts related position.
  • Business experience in budgeting and financial management. 
  • Leadership and management skills with an ability to work independently or in a team environment.
  • Excellent writing skills and effective communication and collaboration with others





Contact:Linda Kelly
Address: 325 N. Main Street

Deadline: 12-08-2017

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