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Creative Space - Planning
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The Creative Space (CRSP) grant program supports the enhancement of San Francisco cultural facilities through Planning and Facility Improvement Grants. The category aims to improve existing arts facilities and develop new ones that will support the work of San Francisco's arts organizations and artists.

PLANNING GRANTS (CRSP-PLANNING): Grants for up to $50,000 to tax-exempt arts organizations for the planning or pre-planning for the development or acquisition of arts facilities. Funds may be used for overall plan development or specific components, such as: feasibility studies, design and engineering consultations, financial and management analysis, market analysis, site analysis, needs assessment, or capital campaign preparation. Organizations must have an average three-year operating budget of less than $2 million.

Please Note: The Native American Cultural Center Creative Space Planning grant application can be accessed under CRSP-Planning.

Contact: Robynn Takayama
Phone: 415.252.2239
Grant link:
Deadline: 10-25-2017

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