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the UGLY, Beautiful and Surreal
For National artists

"the UGLY, Beautiful and Surreal" -  group art show

The Paolo Mejia Fine Art and Design are looking for artwork for our March group art show entitled "the UGLY, Beautiful and Surreal" that will be held at our main gallery in Oakland. We are seeking guest artists to submit floral work that represents the ushering of Spring Solstice and the departing of Winter. The group art show will showcase individuals in how they see flora as a symbol of the transitioning of the Solstice. We want to share your creative voice through art. Submit now and be part of this group art show.

DEADLINE:    FEB 20,  midnight


  • send up to 10 samples of your work that meets the theme or title
  • add a link to your website if you have one
  • send to:

Deadline: 02-17-2018
Paolo Mejia Fine Art and Design
Oakland, CA

Contact: Paolo Mejia

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