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For International artists

If you could go back and never take that first bite, would you? We're taking a trip and going deep into the environment of where our innermost cravings were forged and you're all coming with us. 

The exhibition is open to all artists in the disciplines of Computer Art, Drawing, Mixed Media, Assemblage, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, and Sculpture. Accepted work will be exhibited at ShockBoxx Project Gallery from 7 April to 25 April, 2018, and all work will be for sale. 

New works are preferred but not mandatory. $25 per artist. Please note a modified split for this show. 30 percent of all sales will be donated to the South Bay Eating Disorder Coalition. Split is 40/30/30 (artist/gallery/charity). Acceptance will be provided via email. Payment to be collected upon acceptance (free to apply). 

Deadline: 03-22-2018
ShockBoxx Gallery
Hermosa Beach, CA

Contact: Laura Schuler
Phone: 310.464.7951

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