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COLORISM is the new project by the non profit art organization Art Responders, consisting in an exhibition about the racism acted within the same ethnic group. The project will be launched in SF in Summer 2018 and it will include visual art, film screening, talks and workshops.

The Call for Artists is now open! We accept all media with few requirements: 
-2D work should be no greater than 48 inches (4 feet) in any dimension. 
-3D work should be no greater than 24 inches (2 feet) in any dimension.
-Time-based (video, performance etc.) work should be no more than 15 minutes in length. 
-We accept up to 10 submissions for artist, ultimately we'll select the works that will be the most in line with Colorism's concept.

No submission fee!

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Deadline: 12-31-2017
Art Responders
San Francisco, CA

Contact: Daryl Wells

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