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Fearless Progress Art Contest
For California artists

Everyone knows that art makes a difference. That it has the power to shape our perceptions and influence our values. That is why the current presidential administration is so against free expression and creativity. Art threatens their notion of a status quo, it allows for dissension (even if only in spirit, through creative outlets) against a frightening “new normalcy” that is formless and drab to say the least.​

California’s legislature has pledged to push back against this assault on our sensibilities and has called on all Californians to do their part in pushing forever forward with the progressive initiatives and values that make our state the strongest in the union.​

State Assembly candidate Michelle Cassel Gomez is a proud patron of the arts, and as such is calling upon her friends in the artistic community to do their part.

As defenders of liberty and free thought, artists have a special role to play in advocating for a brighter future. We are looking for artists of various disciplines within the visual arts to submit original works. Further details available via contest webpage:

Deadline: 01-03-2018
Michelle Cassel Gomez for State Assembly
Oceanside, CA

Contact: Don Gomez
Phone: 760.893.6775

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