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Legislative Resolution Commemorates California Arts Day
Longtime arts supporter Senator Jack Scott outlines value of the arts for Friday Oct 3 

Published: 09-05-2008

Arts Day ResolutionSenator Jack Scott has demonstrated his dedication to the arts and creativity for years through his efforts to carry arts-related legislation. He was recognized in January 2008 with the California Arts Council's "Director's Award" for his unwavering support.

The Senator's office recently presented the Arts Council with Member Resolution No. 964, commending the Council on over 30 years of exemplary service to the state's residents and visitors through its programs and services, and recognizing Friday, October 3, 2008, as California Arts Day.

"The Arts Council's Arts Day special events, commemorations, and other local community events will help change the perception that the arts are merely a luxury, and instead are an integral part of the economic, educational and social fabric of our state and our nation," notes the resolution.

To see the printed resolution, click on the icon on the left. Many thanks to Senator Scott and his staff.

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