California Arts Council

State of California

Thank You to Potential Panelists!

Published: 01-09-2014

The California Arts Council heartily thanks the many individuals who submitted their resumes and bios to be considered as possible panelists. It's great to see so many people willing to volunteer their time to help the Arts Council in this critical part of our process and service to the State of California.

So what happens next? 

The Programs staff will cull through these self-nominees and additional names, and develop a "panel pool."  The panel pool is a large set of names of potential panelists whose names and brief bios are presented to Council for approval.  Panelists serve as "committees of experts" of the appointed Council and their adjudication of applications result in recommendations to the Council for funding decisions.

After the panel pool is reviewed and approved by Council, Programs staff will develop actual panels to address the expertises needed for specific programs and represent the state broadly. These potential panelists will be contacted and invited to serve on panels once specific panel dates are scheduled. Panels are typically composed of five people.

Once again, many thanks to all of those who submitted their names.

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