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Are You a Potential Panelist?

Published: 12-05-2013

The California Arts Council is looking for potential panelists to serve on 2014 and subsequent-year panels. We're looking for individuals who have in-depth, long-term and/or a variety of professional experiences in the arts, arts education, arts administration, arts in juvenile justice, and/or related fields. In addition to well-established members of the arts world, younger professionals with experience are encouraged to submit their names. Are you a former panelist from more than three years ago? Please consider sending us your updated info.  (See below.)

Our panel process:  The peer panel review is at the heart of California Arts Council grant program efforts. Applications to CAC  grant programs are received and the agency conducts peer panel reviews so that applicants may be adjudicated by experts in their fields. Well before panels, the Programs Staff culls through resumes and creates pools of potential panelists for Council approval. When the application pool is surveyed and dates for panels established, Programs Staff will invite selected panelists targeting a variety of factors. Great effort is made to create panels of individuals of diverse geographic representation, organization size, ethnicity, gender, professional function and the various areas of expertise to evaluate the applications within the needs of specific programs. Panels are usually comprised of five individuals.

Panelist Requirements:

  • Panelists must be California residents.
  • Travel to Sacramento is reimbursed according to State guidelines.
  • Depending on the program, panelists may be asked to read as many as 120 applications.
  • Panels may last from one to three days.
  • For most programs, applications and art samples (visual arts samples, videos and documents) are viewed online at home before the panel meeting. Ability and willingness to access the applications and art samples online are crucial to preparing for the panel meeting for those programs.

At this time, we anticipate conducting panels for the following programs: Artists in Schools, State-Local Partnership, Statewide Networks and Creating Places of Vitality. More on current programs. New programs are also in development through our one-time $2 million allocation. Details in development.

By January 8, 2014, please send to us your resume and bio (or your resume at minimum) via  Be sure to include your address, phone number and email.  (No need to indicate your interest in a specific program; Programs Staff will evaluate how and when your potential contribution may be useful to the peer panel review process.)  Thanks!

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