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Legislature Passes California Arts Resolution
SCR 70 by Sen. Scott recognizes importance of the California Arts Council, Arts Day, and the Arts in California

Published: 06-12-2008

The California Legislature officially recognized the importance of the arts in California last month. SCR 70 by Senator Jack Scott, commemorating the work of the California Arts Council and recognizing Arts Day on October 3, 2008, was passed by the legislature and chaptered by the Secretary of State on May 22.

The resolution begins with, "This measure would recognize the Arts Council's more than 30 years
of service to the state's residents and visitors. It would also proclaim October 3, 2008, as Arts Day," and notes a number of accomplishments of the California Arts Council and the importance of the arts in California. 

"The Arts Council has a 25-year history of partnering with, and supporting, local arts agencies and statewide service organizations, which in turn provide programming and services to local constituencies," notes the resolution. "The Arts Council provides organizational and technical assistance to a nonprofit arts industry that contributes more than two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000) to the state's economy and one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000) in state and local tax revenues, and that provides 150,000 nonprofit arts jobs and an additional 500,000 jobs in the commercial entertainment sector." 

The text also notes the important work the California Arts Council has done with local government, reports on the economic impact of the arts in California, past partnerships with other state agencies, and the work the agency has been able to accomplish despite a significant funding decrease that began in 2003-04.

California Arts Day -- celebrated on the first Friday in October -- was also officially recognized by the legislature through SCR 70 for 2008. This year the first Friday falls on October 3. "The Art Council's Arts Day special events, commemorations, and other local community events will help change the perception that the arts are merely a luxury, and instead are an integral part of the economic, educational, and social fabric of our state and our nation," noted SCR 70.

The official text of SCR 70 is available through the California Legislature website.


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