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DEADLINE SOON: New Services Available to California Artists and Arts Organizations Through Fractured Atlas
Includes access to health & liability insurance, online courses, discounts & special offers; offer good through March 31, 2012

Published: 01-19-2012

Looking for affordable health insurance? Thinking about legal liability? Want to learn new skills to advance your organization? Fractured Atlas is an arts service organization in New York with a national reach that provides access to health insurance, liability insurance, online courses, an events calendar, and special offers and discounts to artists and arts organizations. Because the California Arts Council is now partnering with Fractured Atlas, California artists, arts organizations and their staffs have access to an array of free and discounted services to help make their personal and professional lives easier...and maybe cheaper! Sign up is free.  Do it by March 31, 2012 at to become a California member under the auspices of the Arts Council.  

Fractured Atlas says: 
Our programs and services facilitate the creation of art by offering vital support to the artists who produce it. We help artists and arts organizations function more effectively as businesses by providing access to funding, insurance, education, and more, all in a context that honors their individuality and independent spirit. By nurturing today's talented but underrepresented voices, we hope to foster a dynamic and diverse cultural landscape of tomorrow.

Beside the benefits listed above, outside of this offer Fractured Atlas can serve as a fiscal sponsor as well. See more info about all the benefits at:

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