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2012 A New Challenge for Tax Checkoff
2011 pushes to nearly $165,000 

Published: 01-19-2012

Hurray! With your help, we've made major inroads in the Tax Checkoff for the Arts. A most sincere thank you to those who contributed and who gave critical help in promoting it in 2011. Overall for the 12 months of returns, the Franchise Tax Board reports that 16,540 California tax filers contributed $164,298, an average of $9.91. We are pleased with the results of this effort, especially since the Arts Council Fund was a relatively last minute addition to state tax filer options--and especially pleased with the outpouring of help from arts organizations and artists who endeavored on the Arts Council Fund's behalf. 

But as we turn the calendar page to 2012, the Arts Council once again needs to promote the option--because for the coming tax year, we need to reach at least $250,000. If we don't, the Arts Council Fund is dropped from the voluntary contribution options. There are lots of ways to help. Can you join in (again) with these critical efforts to help us stay on the list and provide funding for the arts in California?

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