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Happy Holidays! And an Art-filled & Creative 2012!
Last ArtBeat of 2011

Published: 12-15-2011

Cookies on the "share" table, stockings hung on cubicles, garland festooning...and obscuring... the art on our walls---all signs of the holidays at the California Arts Council offices. Something similar where you are? As we celebrate the season, we also want to wish all grantees, partners, associates, ArtBeat subscribers and website viewers the very best for warm, loving, cheerful holidays. Thank you for doing the work you do in the field of arts and creativity, arts education, grant-making, arts policy development...and arts participation and appreciation! Without you how less rich our state would be. For you and your work, we are grateful. 

Not only is this the unveiling of our new ArtBeat format, it's also the last edition of the year. (Our ArtBeat is best read in Firefox, not Microsoft Outlook.) Look for the January 5 edition in your Inbox next year! Until then, please stay warm. And stay creative. 

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