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New California Arts Council Website Makes Debut!
ArtBeat, the e-newsletter, updated and coordinated with new website design

Published: 12-15-2011

It's show time for the California Arts Council's new website. With a sleek new "magazine" look, updated graphics and fonts, and a more flexible technical "back end," we're hoping to be able to offer an easier viewing and searching experience for users. The navigation tabs were reconceived and reorganized, but you'll find much of the information from the former site, sometimes edited and reformatted, in this new site and sometimes under different navigation tabs. The new expanded footer will help you find your way, too.

Those receiving notice of the launch through ArtBeat will know that it, too, has been redesigned to be more appealing and easier to use - plus we'll be able to add pictures more easily, as appropriate. (It's best viewed in Firefox rather than Microsoft Outlook.) If you aren't reading this story through ArtBeat, never fear. You can subscribe to the Arts Council's weekly e-newsletter here. You may also see back issues of ArtBeat.

We're interested in hearing what you think and whether you find any glitches. Let us know through

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