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Late State Tax Filers Prove Generous to "Arts Council Fund"
October yields highest per filer donations of all months to date

Published: 11-28-2011

Of the first ten months of 2011, it was October's state tax filers who individually proved the most generous in their contributions to the Arts Council Fund. The month's 345 contributors donated $5,016 or $14.54 each. Their donations pushed the overall fund well over the $160,000 mark. Average donations hover at just below $10.

We enthusiastically thank the more than 16,000 Californians who have contributed to advance the arts in California, and all the arts organizations that have helped the California Arts Council promote this new funding source in our first year of participation. 

Background: The Arts Council was included on the "Voluntary Contribution" portion of the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) tax return after the passage in 2010 of SB 1076 by Senator Curren Price. The FTB's 2010 tax return form permits California taxpayers to contribute part of their personal income tax refund to the California Arts Council and its arts programs for children and communities. Individuals may make tax-deductible contributions in amounts of $1 or more. Funds will be used to advance the arts and arts education -- no portion of the Arts Council Fund goes to administrative expenses. For more information, see:


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