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California Leading in 10K Facebook Race - but it's not over!
Arizona and D.C. State Arts Agencies Also Running Hard in Collegial Competition

Published: 10-26-2011


Like Us!That cloud of dust you see?  
It's the race for 10,000 "likes" on Facebook! Can you "share" our page with your FB friends? 

Help put us over the finish line! 


  The count as of high noon EST on Oct. 28:

         CA: 7,668 
    DC: 6,730 
    AZ:  5,586 


Who else is letting people know?

    News 10 - Sacramento 

    National Endowment for the Arts


Background: On California Arts Day (October 7, 2011), the California Arts Council director challenged the head of the Arizona Commission on the Arts to a race--who can get to 10,000 "likes" on Facebook first? Starting at roughly the same number, about 4,500, each state is tracking their number of "likes" on an hour-by-hour basis. California started with a few hundred in the lead; at one point, Arizona pulled ahead; now California has regained  the lead. The D.C. Commission on the Art and Humanities joined the contest a few days later and jumped into the lead almost immediately -- but as of today, we've passed them! Go, California, go.



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