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Our most popular pages yield results 

Published: 09-08-2011

A few weeks ago, we asked you to tell us if your "panning for gold" on our Opportunities web pages...Grants, Artist Calls, Jobs...yielded any results. YES! appears to be the answer. We are please to share a couple of the responses we received: 

Hi CAC Editor,

Wow! I've struck gold on so many opportunities found on your pages! It's one of my main "go to" sites for artist calls. I really like to keep my work local, and most of the listings on your pages are for California. My work is hard to ship, so it makes it easy to narrow the field. I also enjoy the many calls for public art found here.

Some of my favorites:
[a list of 9 juried shows]

Thanks so much for compiling all this great info!!

Your fan, S.G.


Your opportunities tab is absolutely one of my number one go-to pages. I share individual calls for art with my art collective members on Facebook and Twitter. I also used your opps page for my group's first call for art and exhibition. AND... I found a grant that fits my organization perfectly. So perfectly that my fiscal sponsor, _____, waived the 1000-dollar fund-raising clause of our agreement so I could write this specific grant.

Thank you for all you do!




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