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Governor Declares March "Arts Education Month"
Schwarzenegger notes the profound impact the visual and performing arts have on young Californians

Published: 03-03-2010

Governor Schwarzenegger -- in an official proclamation released on March 3, 2010 -- declared March to be "Arts Education Month." The text of the statement reads as follows:

Art, in its countless forms, has a unique and profound impact on our lives. It is important for people of all ages to be exposed to the arts, and that is why I am proud to proclaim March 2010 as Arts Education Month.

California is grateful for its gifted musicians, dancers, actors, sculptors, painters, teachers and many others who help us incorporate art into our lives. They lift us and make us aware of art's power and value. And practicing and learning about art ourselves can provide richly rewarding experiences. This is especially true for our young people. Whether in school, in the community or in the home, experiences with the arts help children grow to be strong, imaginative and well-rounded leaders.

This month -- and year round -- as we reflect on the importance of educating ourselves and our young ones about art's importance, I encourage all Californians to participate in the arts. Together we can appreciate and continue the legacy of the arts in our great state.

See the Governor's Website with the Announcement

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