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July 09, 2014Caitlin Fitzwater

California Arts Council Funds 16 Statewide and Regional Arts Networks and Service Organizations

The Statewide Networks Program supports organizational capacity and delivery of services to artists and arts organizations to strengthen California's arts field

Sacramento -

The California Arts Council, as part of its goal to support arts networking and infrastructure in California, announces the recipients of 2013-14 Statewide Networks Program funds.

Sixteen organizations that provide services to artists and arts organizations through communications, professional development opportunities, networking, and arts advocacy were approved for funding at the Arts Council's meeting in June 2014. Grants range between $11,400 and $19,000, with a total program award of $249,200.

The Statewide Networks Program funds organizations with at least a two-year track record of developing their field and providing services to their constituent base in one of two categories: "Statewide," defined as serving artists and/or arts organizations throughout California, or "Regional," referring to organizations serving constituencies in at least three non-contiguous counties. The sixteen 2013-14 Statewide Networks (SN) Program grantees are:


Alliance for California Traditional Arts

ACTA's SN Grant provides critical funding to expand its reach and support California's diverse folk and traditional arts field. SN funding supports the executive director, program manager and operations manager, who work to maintain current programs, conduct fieldwork and discovery research, and provide technical services through convenings, outreach, advocacy, information services and communications to our field. $19,000


Assoc. of California Symphony Orchestras

The Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ASCO), the state's only service organization serving California's orchestras, will use funds from the California Arts Council for administrative salaries to maintain and expand ACSO's organizational capacity to develop new approaches to community building for advocacy, professional development for Boards and staff, and networking opportunities and events. $17,000


California Alliance for Arts Education

The Alliance seeks to advance arts education in California by focusing efforts in three key areas: state policy, local coalition building and public advocacy. It will leverage the opportunity of the Local Control Funding Formula and place arts at the tables of student achievement and student engagement. $18,000


California Association of Museums

The California Association of Museums received funding to support two current projects that are priorities in the organization's strategic plan, Collaborative Learning Networks and the Foresight Committee, as well as maintain valued core programs and services. $18,000


California Indian Basketweavers Association

California Indian Basketweavers Association received funding for a portion of the Executive Director's salary, the purchase of supplies/postage for the newsletter distribution to its membership, and to retain the website developer services to continue to make needed upgrades to the CIBA website. $13,000


California Lawyers for the Arts

CLA plans to implement several innovative programs that will enhance services for artists and arts organizations. They plan to expand access to their educational services through innovative e-learning programs, implement a new alternative dispute resolution program focusing on intellectual property disputes, expand pro bono legal services, and evaluate the results of their arts-in-corrections demonstration project. $19,000


California LGBT Arts Alliance

In FY14-15, Statewide Networks funding will support the Alliance's advocacy, newsletter, touring and capacity-building activities. The Alliance will publish 12 e-newsletters, participate in CAC's Arts License Plates sales and statewide convening, promote collaborations among LGBT arts organizations and conduct grantwriting workshops that increase LGBT arts groups' access to public funding. $13,000


California Poets in the Schools

Statewide Networks funding support will fortify central office staffing, augment stipends for Area Coordinators who oversee field poet-teachers, help fund web-tech-social-media and a part-time development coordinator. Support will also help CPitS and local funding partners to launch Year 3 of the Seed Poets program, sending specially trained, visiting poets to California's least-served schools, in various urban and rural counties, to lead introductory, hands-on creative poetry writing workshops. $16,000


California Presenters

California Presenters will use SN funds to strengthen its ability to deliver upgraded digital communication and professional development services to constituents through investigation of new platforms for its webinar series and expanded use of online application forms, recruitment of leaders in the fields of inclusion and diversity as panelists and keynote speakers for its 2015 Annual Membership Conference (AMC), and increased accessibility due to greater capacity to offer AMC scholarships. $13,000


Californians for the Arts

The project, "Seize the Moment for the Arts," will span 12 months beginning this spring as CFTA continues to enhance its monthly newsletters and build out its website to serve as a resource for advocates around the state. Its Advocacy Day will create an opportunity for arts supporters to meet with public policy makers as the legislative and budget cycles in Sacramento are in full swing. Its advocacy training will continue throughout the year, with in-person trainings in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. $14,000


Dance Resource Center of Greater LA

With the support of the Statewide Network program, the Dance Resources Center will: Facilitate the development of hubs for dance service throughout Southern California by holding convenings, consulting with local leaders, and building connections across counties; Develop website templates and technology offerings for local dance hubs; Expand its fiscal sponsorship program to artists and organizations in counties throughout Southern California. $10,800


Dancers' Group/CA Dance Network

Funding will support Dancer's Group's leadership of the California Dance Network (CADN), a partnership with the Alliance for California traditional Arts, Dance Resource Center of Greater LA, Santa Barbara Dance Alliance, World Arts West, CA Dance Education Association, and Dance Alliance of Greater San Diego. The project's activities build a strong, comprehensive infrastructure of support for dance in the state through electronic outreach and research on the CA Cultural Data Project. $18,000


Latino Arts Network, Inc.

This California Arts Council grant will partially underwrite professional services and salary support: the LAN Maestro Award Program; research endeavors through the LAN Cultural Vitality Index; and the launching of the LAN Catalyst in Residence Program. $17,000


National Assoc. of Latino Indie Producers

NALIP will use the SN funds for its California-based artists' professional development programs and services in support of Latino media makers. The funds will cover partial expenses for the Latino Lens online presence, Latino Producers Academy documentary feature, and new media mentors fees, and the Latino Media Market staff costs. NALIP will promote the artists and their works via our website and social media. $16,000


Small Press Distribution

"California Book Distribution" will serve nonprofit California-based independent literary publishers and the authors they publish. Through a combination of professional development, distribution and marketing-based advocacy, this project ensures that books from California's literary publishers and authors can be known to booksellers, librarians, and educators, to make their way into readers' hands. This project allows literature from California to be nurtured, celebrated and valued. $16,000


Theatre Bay Area Theatre Bay Area received funding to support its Audience Development, Communications and Advocacy Activities. During the grant period SN funds will be used to partially underwrite its Intrinsic Impact and Audience Database project, establish a credible Bay Area theatre awards system, publish six issues of Theatre Bay Area magazine, regularly update its website, organize an Annual Conference, and participate in advocacy work on the local, regional, statewide and national levels. $11,400


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The Mission of the California Arts Council, a state agency, is to advance California through the arts and creativity. Members of the California Arts Council include: Chair Wylie Aitken, Vice Chair Susan Steinhauser, Michael Alexander, Christopher Coppola, Donn K. Harris, Charmaine Jefferson, William Turner, and Rosalind Wyman. Learn more at




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