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January 15, 2014Caitlin Fitzwater

Annette Bening Supports Arts Education in California as Spokesperson for the Keep Arts in Schools Fund

Invites Californians to "bring creativity back to the classroom" via state tax return contributions

Annette Bening Four-time Oscar nominee Annette Bening will join the California Arts Council in encouraging Californians to support arts education programs with their tax returns through the new "Keep Arts in Schools Fund." 

Bening is a passionate advocate for arts education and served as a member of the California Arts Council from 2004-2008. As a Council Member, Bening fought for increased state arts funding and championed arts initiatives for young people across California. 

Bening is promoting the new "Keep Arts in Schools Fund" as spokesperson. The fund allows individuals to make tax-deductible contributions in amounts of $1 or more through the Voluntary Contribution portion of state tax returns.

The "Keep Arts in Schools Fund" can be found in Voluntary Contribution Section 110 (425) of the "540" individual state tax return forms. Arts supporters who use accounting services should tell their tax preparers about contributing to the "Keep Arts in Schools Fund," and encourage others to pursue this opportunity to support California arts education programs.

Detailed information on how to contribute, and promotional resources for the "Keep Arts in Schools Fund," are available at

Californians can also support arts education by purchasing the "Arts Plate," the iconic license plate with a sunset and palm tree motif designed by California artist Wayne Thiebaud. More information is available at

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